What’s New at Farley’s Worlds

The world is full of rules. Rules help us in living safe happy lives and in Farley’s Worlds we have rules too!

Here are a set of rules you need to know for the most enjoyment while playing in our virtual world.

1) Never give out any personal information online about yourself. That includes your real name, age, where you live and your phone number. Do not even let anyone know where you go to school.

2) If you see anything online that makes you unhappy, let your parents know right away. Parents can use the contact form to let our moderators know as well.

3) Never use a nickname that uses your real name.

Help us keep Farley’s Worlds the best place online for a happy and safe experience.

Hey Kids!

We’ve got a new feature in Farleys Worlds.

From now on you can chat with the other characters on screen.

Type what you want to say and a cartoon bubble will appear over your character’s head with your message.

Tell your friends to meet you in one of the worlds in Farleys Worlds and you can talk as much as you type.

The only rules are you can only use up to 16 letters at one time and you must watch your language.

If you don’t behave you’ll get kicked off and if you keep on you can even be banned.

But let’s just think about the fun we’ll all have.

Good luck and good fun and have fun messaging.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!