Important Information for Parents

Here in Farley’s Worlds, kids can play games online free as any one of 8 characters. Choose a beaver, bee, fox, a red-tailed fox, hippo, puffin, or a rabbit. You may start as one game avatar character and change to another.

You do not have to register to play but registering will help retain your favorite avatar character. Any points acquired during game play that are found throughout the many worlds you visit will also be retained. We will not ask for any personal information except your email address to help you with any forgotten passwords or your user name. Remember to make a strong password that no one else will know, except maybe your parents.

During the playing of any of the free online children’s games ads might be displayed. Rest assured that they have been selected for age appropriateness. If you wish to disable the insertion of ads into the free games played online, taking out a membership will prevent them from appearing as a possible interruption of game progress.

If you have any questions or suggestions or need some help then please email us by selecting the appropriate account from the drop down menu at the top of the Contact page.

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