About Playing Games Free Online at Farley’s Worlds

Farley’s Worlds is a free to play online interactive digital playground full of games designed for kids aged 5 to 14 years old. We offer a safe gaming environment so parents do not have to be concerned about encountering behaviors or actions that might pose a negative influence on their child.

We do not collect personal information about any children who register to play our online games. We do collect email addresses upon registration to provide support such as recovery of user names assigned during signup as well as the associated passwords.

Farley’s Worlds is an ongoing development by Farley’sWorlds Entertainment. Our gaming development facility is located in Western Canada. Our primary goal is to develop fun, entertaining games to play in a protected environment, that are accessible to all ages of children.

To contact Farley’sWorlds Entertainment with any questions or concerns, please use our contact form.

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