Farley’s Worlds – A Free Online Gaming Community for Kids

Farley’s Worlds is a free online children’s gaming place. Kids can have a great time playing free online games while chatting and socializing. Farley’s Worlds strives to provide a safe, friendly online website environment for children aged 5 years to 14 years old. Here, children can safely explore worlds that will excite them and provide hours of fun and interesting interaction. There are lots of games and puzzles to entertain young ones with enough of a challenge to keep them coming back for more fun.

Registration is free at Farley’s Worlds and enables special privileges to members. We want your children to have the most awesome time they can. Parents can be assured that no sensitive personal information is collected about your children. Only a username and a valid email address are required to begin the adventure.

Here at Farley’s Worlds, our priority and commitment is to provide a safe online gaming environment for your children to play and explore our virtual worlds in. All activities are monitored and if at any time you feel that there is some incident that requires investigation, we will take immediate and appropriate action. At Farley’s Worlds, we welcome all feedback, questions and concerns. All communication can be initiated through our contact form. We will respond in a timely manner.

Visitors to Farley’s Worlds can stay up to date as to what is happening by checking the What’s New page. This is where w will announce the latest developments to our free online gaming community for children. We hope to be adding new Avatars and games in the near future for all kids to enjoy during their valuable leisure time.

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